Cancellation Policy

At EventFinest, your event success is our key goal. So, when you book on EventFinest, confirming an agreement and paying vendors is easy. We collect the vendor's total booking price in one payment, and if the vendor requests a deposit out of that total being paid, we'll send it to them before the event. The balance payment is held by Event Finest and sent 24hrs after your event. If you need to cancel a booking, your refund will be determined by the cancellation policy included in the booking agreement for your event.

Booking cancellation 

Both the deposit and balance payments are refundable depending on when you cancel the event through our system. If you canceled an event 10 days before the event, you'd receive a full refund of both the deposit and the balance. If you canceled 7 days before the event, you would only receive a refund of the balance payment. If you canceled 1 day before the event, no refund would be issued. 

All refundable payments will have a specific cancellation, depending on the vendor. Some vendors may opt for an always-refundable deposit or balance payment, which means you can cancel at any time and receive a refund for that particular payment. Vendors may also choose non-refundable payments, in which case regardless of when you canceled, no refund would be given.

Vendor cancellations

The cancellation policies mentioned above will only be applicable if you cancel your event through Eventfinest website. If the vendor cancels the agreement, you are covered by our Worry-Free Guarantee. You will receive a full refund of your payment, and we'll also do everything we can to help you find a replacement for your event. But If the event is booked outside of our system, we won’t be able to help resolve issues or return payments. 

During the case of vendor cancellation, both parties should confirm through the EventFinest servicehub messaging system that the booking is no longer taking place. Event Finest should then be contacted—again by both parties—so that we can proceed with the cancellation and issue a refund. 

But If the vendor you booked does not show up to your event, you should immediately log in and report a problem through your account so that we can place a hold on the balance payment.

Refund Policy

In order to receive a refund, you must cancel your event through Event Finest. When you cancel, you'll be given a summary of the cancellation policy and the payments you will be refunded. Once we've confirmed your cancellation, we will issue the refund to the credit card that was used for payment. This process could take 1-2 business days. Once the refund is issued, it may take up to 3-5 business days to post to your account.

If the cancellation policy states that no refund is owed, Event Finest will not be able to return any payments to you directly. However, you are welcome to discuss the issue with the vendor to see if they'd be willing to work with you to reschedule their services or give you a partial refund. If they agree to a partial refund, that should be arranged directly between you and the vendor.

Delivery Policy

Specified delivery time and dates are set by vendors with respect to their services. Vendor acknowledges that time is of the essence with respect to the delivery of all Services. The customer can also book the vendor aside the time sets by the vendor. But the customer has to notify it in writing to Eventfinest, and in doing so stipulates a reasonable period of time within which the Vendor has the opportunity to effect delivery. 

 The delivery time shall commence at such time as the relevant Contract is concluded in accordance with the terms & conditions of service and the Vendor has also accepted any security for payment which may have been agreed or have received any prepayment. 

If the event time remains 48hrs to commence, the customer shall not be entitled to cancel or terminate the Contract, unless the day of service delivery remains more than 4 days, without the customer being entitled to any compensation.

If Event Finest receives a report or complaint from the customer about any vendor on Breach of contract or arriving late to his/her event without tangible reason, the vendor balance will be put on hold until proper investigation is carried out. And if the vendor is found guilty, a certain amount of the vendor’s balance will be given to the customer. And if this occurs more than three consecutive times by the same vendor, the vendor may be penalized from using website.


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