Vendor Page Setup Guide


1.As a new user, click on the signup button to either signup as a vendor or customer as shown in the diagram below

Fill the necessary details and make sure to use a username and password that you can remember easily. Also on “select package” tab, choose the “free” for now. After filling this signup form, click on “sign up” to register.
2. After the successful message about your sign up, click on the login button at the top right of the website, enter your username and password to log in to your profile page.
3. On your profile page as shown below

click on the select image to upload an image of how you want to be displayed to your targeted clients. And also, you will be required to input some details such as pictures, videos of past events(optional), attach a file of any Government identification (such as driver license, international passport, voter’s card) for verification.

If you want a customer to contact you through a request for quote, you can off the booking system.

While on the booking section

If you want customer to book you online, you will have to put “on” your booking process as shown in the diagram below

Also, check the necessary buttons. But disable the “book amount charged based on services” by clicking on the no button.

Note. Before the booking system will work, you will have to set the following on your page

I, Your availability

2, Business hours

3, services


Steps on how to set your Availability on your page

Click on the availability button and it will display a page as shown below

Select the period you are always available to be booked by clicking on the day (ex. Monday) and also select the time range by clicking on the time so as to display a pop up as shown below.

Note: You can set as many time range as you can on a particular day

After choosing your time range, click ok.

For complete submission of your time range, you will have to put the number of booking you can manage within that time range as shown by the diagram below

Put the number of bookings (i.e from 1 and above) on the text section and then click submit to finally submit your input. Do the same for the rest days.


Steps on setting up your Business hours

Click on the business hours button on your page, a diagram will be displayed as shown below

Select your business hour for each day and then click on submit as shown in the below diagram

Steps on setting up your Services on your page

Click on your service button at the left side of your page, a page will be displayed as shown in the diagram below

Click on “Add service” and a popup box will be displayed as shown below

Type your service type (ex. DJ for birthday event), state your fixed price and write a brief description about the service(optional) and then click on create button to create the service. You can create as many sections of services and prices you offer depending on the event or occasions.

Become a Vendor